Friday, February 27, 2015

Funny Bone Friday!

YAY! It's Fridayyyy! Let's Party!

Friday is the day everyone gets excited about! It's the end of the work week and time for a couple days of relaxing. (If your lucky) Friday is a day you want to get rid of all that bad, yucky, stress. There's no better way to rid of that bad, yucky, stress than by laughing! So here are some pictures I've found via. internet, that I hope will brighten your morning, evening, tea-time, day, ect.} 
That was unnecessary... but anywayzzz!! 


Let's begin!

Anyone with a brain that is above 2nd grade should see the problem here. Amaright?

The Harry Potter geek known as my SOUL is shining though right now. 

Oh that was me..... I needed a reason to buy myself chocolate this Valentines Day so I kinda married myself... 

This is so true for me!!! Most of the time...

.........*cries of fear*.........

This is me, except with chocolate cake.... wait uh never-mind. 

My Harry Potter soul thinks this is extremely funny. I've been unnecessarily laughing for about 5 minutes now?! HELP LAUGH ATTACK! (I actually really have those sometimes) wait.. just uh NEXT!

Worst nightmare... plus.... THERE IS NO STARBUCKS. MUAHAHAHAHA (I don't even like coffee but still....)

Oh yes.. When I had a "boyfriend" a couple years ago, I changed the lyrics to, "I am that girl" Oh the imagination of a 12 year old girl. I was stupid back then, not that I'm not stupid now.. I am not going to have a boyfriend for a very long time. But I've got my EYE on someone.... nah I'm only 14.... this is weird.... OK... Golly I feel stupid this morning, oooook next.

Oh Grumpy Cat how I love you. You must be my sisters abducted twin. (FUN FACT: Grumpy Cat's real name is Tarter Sauce...) 

I don't even like Katy Perry... but man my inner Potter soul is dancing right now.

Hmmmmmm.... Food for thought.


So anyway I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FRIENDS! If not......


  • Thou shall always be content
  • If thou not content thou shall be thrown down a well.
The Founding Chickens of Jupiter

Don't let that scare you guys, but those are some serious chickens, I think they are friends with Shakespeare... ANYWAYS

Have an absolutely lovely day everyone! I love you lots!!


  1. HAHAHAH! :D Thanks ever so much for the laughs!

  2. "Love is an open door..." "CLOSE IT." Oh my goodness, Grumpy Cat cracks me up. Same with the Harry Potter Champions meme. Dumbledore would be pretty mad.... Haha!

    xoxo Morning

  3. This was so funny - I loved it!

    xx Lorraine // Laurel Crowned

  4. Lol all the memes,especially the Harry Potter ones brilliant and Grumpy Cat is simply awesome.My day started with a few laughs all thanks to you XD :P

    Neal Kind
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