Monday, June 1, 2015

Liebster Award!! #2

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the very wonderful HEATHER!!
You can visit her beautiful blog HERE!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award.
  5. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees!

My Facts!!

1. I have never rode on a plane before!
2. I am super duper obsessed with cheese and I have absolutely no reason why... 
3. I took algebra in 7th grade... IDK I have no facts. XD
4. I try to write music but I always fail. I have always had a knack with poetry though!
5. When I want to be friends with someone, I become really nervous around them and idolize them... even though they are regular people.
6. I have the biggest fear of clowns.
7. I just got a kitten named Pickles! I will have a post with pictures of him soon.
9. I proccessed some of my chickens yesterday. (cri)
10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Voice winner, Sawyer Fredrick's voice. Like I am absolutely in LOVE with that duet he sang to, Have you Ever Seen the Rain, with that girl. It was amazing.
11. This is the last fact and because of that my mind went blank.

Question Time!

1. What blog post are you most proud of?

I honestly have NO idea...  Maybe this one?

Do you find knees super disgusting? (side note: KNEES ARE SO DISGUSTING HOLY CRAP WHY)

I have no opinion on this... they are kinda gross, like when you are double jointed and they move around.. ewwwww

What are you currently listening to, or what did you most recently listen to?

Hmmm Lately I have been learning a new song on guitar to perform at open mic. It's really good!

Also, this masterpiece.

Do you like warm hugs?

If you mean warm like lovable then YES! Sweaty warm.... not so much. 

What is your favorite movie?

Right now?! Probably Emma. It is really good and I am writing a review on it for my writing class.

What is your favorite snack to make?

The recipe is here!

If you were going to sum up your blog in three words, what would they be?

Swankified, Random, and, Sunshine

Have you ever seen a production on stage?

The first show I ever saw was Junie B Jones.
Then I saw Tom Sawyer once.
I watched Anne of Green Gables from backstage.
I have seen the world premiere of Yes Virginia the Musical. My friends were in it.
I know I have seen more, I just can't remember them all.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?

I went to my best friends house and we ate eclairs. AND I GOT A KITTEN!!

If you could say one thing to anyone, what would you say to whom?

That is really hard. I guess I would tell my Aunt Sally that I loved her SO much. I was never able to tell her that but I really wish I did.

SO! That is all of the QUESTIONS!!

I nominate anyone who is reading this that wants to do this!!!

Now for your questions!!

1. What is your favorite movie?
2. What are you currently reading?
3. What was the best thing that happened this year so far?
4. If you could master any skill in the world in a second, what would you want to learn, and why?
5. What do you think makes you stand out from a crowd?
6. What is your family's heritage? Where do you trace back to?
7. What would happen if you could not get on your laptop for a month?
8.  Have you ever murdered someone?
10. Current obsession?
11. Favorite animal?


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Watch out it's a Rant! (Why it is hard to be an Atheist)

So recently I've been super stressed out about what I am doing for High-school. Being Homeschooled, I have to find a co-op, curriculum, ect, that I want to use. I finally found an awesome co-op, well what I thought was an awesome one. We applied. And we were denied. 
The reason?

OK! I am going to say it, I am NOT a Christian. Yes I am an atheist. People make that such a dirty word. 

That doesn't mean I am not a good person. I genuinely love life, people, and the world around me. I respect other peoples religions, I don't criticize, overlook, or judge people of religion. Heck most of my friends are religious. The problem is, people can't treat me that way back. I thought Christianity was about treating others the way you want to be treated.... so if YOU want ME to accept your beliefs, than you should accept mine. 

But... apparently that is not how it works... 
I have never met a Christian that fully accepts my beliefs yet in my life. That is sad and needs to change. It's like racism, but with religion. Being a homeschooler that is an atheist, surrounded by christians and religion, I feel like a third class citizen, that no one cares about, even though I KNOW I deserve better.

SO I CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU! Whatever you believe, to just accept everyone, because it sure would help the world be a little happier, and maybe just maybe you can make someones day a little brighter.

Just be kind.

It's that easy 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Ways to Spend a Lazy Day! ~ By Brenna

Hello! My name is Brenna from Brenna’s Bad Blog and I get the honor of guest posting on the swankiest place on the internet today! Thanks Mae :) Funny, my middle name is actually Mae.

Anyway, I’ve noticed she is a theatre person, and so am I! I’m in Aladdin right now, and the show is 1 week away. I’m only in ensemble, but I’m also younger than everyone else by 1-4 years XD

Today I’m going to give you 5 ways to spend a lazy day!
  • First off, duh, blog! It’s okay to take time off, do what you need to do, but blogging is one of my creative outlets so stopping isn’t very good for me at least.
  • Second, catching up on your reading! Whether a new book or an old favorite, it’s hard to read too much.
  • Make yourself a new playlist! Refreshing your music is something that really wakes me up. For some reason I get bored with songs really fast so shaking them up is super helpful
  • Plan to rearrange your room! Ok, I admit, when I am feeling lazy, there is no way I am going to be moving furniture around my room or make a new poster or something. But making a new Pinterest board about it sure is fun!
  • Bubble bath! For some reason, alone time soaking yourself in water is one of the most relaxing things ever. I like to use Bath and Body works products.
Lazy days are ok! Take a break when you need one. Don’t be like me and be lazy all the time because then your mom won’t buy you any more comfy clothes. -_- Like all things, do this in moderation.
Thanks again, Mae, for letting me guest post! Hopefully someday you’ll see her at my blog too.


Thanks Brenna for your awesome post!! I enjoyed reading it and I hope everyone else does too!
Go visit Brenna's blog HERE!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

You know those weeks where you sit around and do nothing.

SO! I have disappeared for a while. I've had a lazy week while my sister was at camp and I've been sick as well! All week I've basically been sitting around watching dance moms and reading obscure books from the pile of free ones under my bed. 

My Aunt after all the drama, being extremely embarrassed left. So that was that. But today my other Aunt is coming and should be here in about 30 minutes. My house it buzzing with energy and my mom is going crazy with her neat freak ways. (No offence to mom) 

But life has been moving pretty slowly lately and I'm ready to pick it back up!

How are all of you guys?! Anything exciting happening!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Family Problems

I guess we all have that one family member that isn't very agreeable. The one that gets mad and leaves when they can't get there way. Well I know I do, and here's how I found out.

This week has been lovely up until now. My favorite Aunt came all the way from Tennessee to visit my family. She came Tuesday happy and excited, and left unexpectedly today, mad for some crazy reason. So let me map out our week a little here.

Day 1: They arrived that evening, at my nana's house. We went over for dinner to meet them, and then they came home with us, it was late so we went to bed.

Day 2. My siblings and I spent the whole day, making crafts, playing in water, and reading books to my adorable little cousin that is 3 years old. 

Day 3. We spent the whole day celebrating my Nana's birthday! We all went to the Children's Museum. Then we ate out at a delicious restaurant for lunch and got desert at Deweys. Then we went home and played in the sprinkler with my cousin. We had a birthday dinner and yummy coconut cake. We gave my cousin a bath, watched a Disney movie and went to sleep! 

Day 4 (today): Today we had a homeschool Field Day. So my aunt, cousin, and nana went out to spend some time together. Then they rejoined us at Field Day. After that my sister and her friend had to go shopping for camp next week, and I was going over to a friends house. 

SO apparently, my aunt got mad because we weren't spending time with her..... and she got in a fight with my mom and nana while I was gone and then left without saying goodbye, while my baby cousin cried. The thing is we spent time with her all week and my mom really needed to go to the store, so it made no sense.

When I found out, I got really upset because we were going to throw a surprise baby shower for her with my other cousins who are arriving tomorrow. I miss my little cousin and I don't know how to act tomorrow if they come back.

I really want them to come back to see my cousin, but deep down a little part of me doesn't want to see my aunt for a while.