Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fan Month!

Hey guys! So the LOVELY blog Sometimes I'm a Story has created something called Fan Month! It's a kind, and self-less way to appreciate other bloggers work! Being a blogger myself, I can say that when people comment on my blog, it makes me feel accomplished, like my post meant something to someone else! This is the reason for this mini campaign! To make other bloggers feel that way too!

She gave us some great questions to ask ourselves to put some structure, and initiative towards this project! Here are my answers to her questions! (The words in red are Heather from Sometimes I'm A Story)

1. When do you plan on being a fan?

(The general idea is to make a time solely for being an audience member. Maybe you decide to be a fan on Tuesdays. Or between 3–4 PM. Whenever you’re riding the train. When can you give your attention to others?)

I decided that I would be a fan for a week! To be exact I will start on the 1st of March, and end on the 7th! 

2. What goals will you set for yourself?

(How many blogs do you want to visit? How many comments do you want to leave? How many new blogs do you want to find?)

I have decided to discover around 25-30 new blogs and comment at least 100 times!!!

3. Are you going to set any rules for yourself? Exceptions to those rules?

I've decided that I MUST comment on every post that I read! Which may lead me to be over my goal in comments!

(for example, sharing 5 posts from different blogs on Facebook daily, not posting on your blog but responding to comments, you must comment on every post you read, etcetera.)

4. Where do you plan on sharing the great posts you read?

(Facebook, Twitter, whatever. I actually have a whole Pinterest board where I pinned every post I read last time; I will be using it again.)

I think I will make a pinterest board! That is a great idea! Also on google plus, because why not. It's easy and I already have an account. I don't have facebook, or anything.

5. Where could you be a fan outside the blogosphere?

(This came to me randomly, but why not? My little sister plays piano; maybe for me it means sitting down and listening to her whole piece. Maybe it means sending a letter of appreciation to a teacher, or thanking a family friend for helping you out. Being a fan doesn’t just stop here, people.)

I suppose I should start listening to my sisters fiddle more, even though the sound drives me crazy! I need to give her more support and confidence. I need to thank my parents more for all they've done. Also I need to spend more time with my nana because I love her very much and she won't always be around.

This is a wonderful idea! I encourage everyone to do this! Not only does it make you feel better, but it makes other people feel better as well! 

Have a wonderful day everyone! COMMENT YOUR BLOGS BELOW!!!


  1. Thanks so much for joining, Mae! I hope Fan Month is an AWESOME experience for you, and good luck commenting on everything! Also, I like your G+ solution—it's not about doing what other people are doing, it's about doing what works for you! :) I like that you're going to work on your relationships with your family: that sounds like a very sweet way to spend your time. Good work! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you're joining in with this as well. I loved Heather's idea when I first saw it, so the link up is perfect. It's good to remember sometimes that blogging is about other people and their blogs as well as us and ours. You have a great goal for your fan week. Hopefully you discover some truly amazing blogs while you're spreading encouragement around the blogosphere.

  3. This sounds really interesting; I'll have to check it out!

    Your blog is quite adorable:)



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