Monday, February 9, 2015

Name change!

Hey guys! My old Blog name was really very rushed and honestly meant nothing to me. I've been thinking about this for a while and have finally changed it!! I've changed it to something really awesome that also kinda reflects my personality more! "Super Swankified"! Swankified is a word I use for "cool". Also the word is in the Broadway show Wicked but that's not the reason why I chose it! 

Hope you guys don't mind too much.... but this is more like me now, and it makes much more sense to me then what I had before! Alsoooooo what do ya think of the new design?! Comment Below!!

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  1. Hullo Mae! Thank you for following my blog ^^ ive been homeschooled too-but just till third grade. Your blog is really interesting! I'll be checking it out properly real soon.
    Have a wonderful day <3

    1. Thanks! LOVE your blog!! Love your name too! Hope we can talk soon!
      Mae :)


I love to hear your opinions on my posts! I'm also glad to answer any questions you may have! Have a swankified day!! Mae <3