Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Snowfall

Us here on the East Coast sure are getting a ton of snow!! It was extremely windy and the snow has been blowing everywhere! It looks like a blizzard!
I took these pictures from the comfort of my home. We (my sister, my brother, my friend, and I) went sledding down our super steep hill and it was so fun! Lot's of crashes and laughs!

My friend stayed the night the day before, and we drunk cocoa and watched movies! Then we played in the snow. My friend lives in a neighborhood so this is the first time she has gone sledding down "fun" hills! 

Snow is so beautiful!! Except for when it's yellow!
What do you love most about snow??


  1. I'm from the east coast too! The snow has literally been non-stop and we have the hugest snow piles.

  2. East Coasters unite! We've been having blizzard after blizzard and it's been crazy. My favorite part is jumping in the big piles of snow from the driveway.



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