Thursday, February 26, 2015

Current Happenings In my Exiting week!

This week so far has been super exciting!! First of all it's been snowing a TON! Today it was especially beautiful! All the trees and branches were traced out with the white snow.

It's been beautiful and we got the morning off in school! (Lucky Public schoolers got the whole day off)

I'm more of a warm weather person. Tea makes me HAPPY!

Another SUPER DUPER exciting thing that happened this week..... We got CHICKS!! Oh my goodness they are so cute! I sometimes put food in the palm of my hand and they will eat out of my hand and some of them sit in my hand and peck at my arm. It tickles!

Sorry for the bad quality, the heat lamp made the pictures red!

 This is my sister holding her favorite chick! We want our chicks to be used to people so that we can pick them up easily to check them out! So that means we can have plenty of fun with the chicks!

I have a performance this evening. I hope it isn't cancelled but it is snowy outside so it might. It will give me a little more time to perfect my lines though!

How has your week been?! Anything Exciting?!


  1. We've been having snow, too! I have the whole day off! How many inches did you get?

  2. I got about 4 inches! What about you?!


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