Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Idol is Benjamin Franklin.

Everyone has people that they look up to! I happen to have a TON. Mainly they are people who I am interested in, or wish to be more like them! Of course my parents are in this list but I'm not going to write about them for personal reasons! My favorite Historical Figure and biggest Idol is.....

Benjamin Franklin.

First of all he was a founding father, and a wise, inspirational man. The whole creation of the U.S.A had allot to do with him. He was a scientist, politician, post-master general, he worked with newspapers, and founded libraries and hospitals. Throughout my whole life I have studied him and have been extremely interested in his life and studies.

Poor Richards Almanac was a document he wrote, filled with interesting, and witty quotes. I enjoy reading through it! Here are some of his quotes!

There are so many things Benjamin Franklin did for my country (United States of America) as well as other countries! No to mention some of his inventions are fascinating. He invented bifocals, helped in the early findings of electricity, and one of my favorites, the glass harmonica!

I've read alot about it and it supposedly sounds lovely. I encourage you to research Benjamin Franklin, he was a VERY interesting person!

Who is YOUR idol?

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