Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Songs I Have Listened to Lately!

Hey guys! So today's challenge seemed pretty fun! I love music so I am glad to share my favorites!

5 Songs I've Listened to Lately

1. Human


Oh my gosh I just love this song so much! Christina Perry is amazing,

2. I Enjoy Being a Girl

This is from a musical called Flower Drum Song! I am using this as my audition song...... soooo I've been studying it!

3. Popular

This song is also from a musical and is very very well known..... It's from WICKED!!!
This is just an awesome Karaoke song!

4. Dream on

Aerosmith. I am a big guitar player so the solo on this is just awesome. Plus at Disney World they have a ride where they play this song on a roller coaster! It's the best roller coaster there!

5. Yellow

Coldplay is one of my all time favorite bands!!! I never really got into music until a couple years ago. That was when I heard this song. I became crazy about the band and now I'm in love with it!


What are some of your favorite songs?! COMMENT BELOW!!


I love to hear your opinions on my posts! I'm also glad to answer any questions you may have! Have a swankified day!! Mae <3