Friday, February 27, 2015

Funny Bone Friday!

YAY! It's Fridayyyy! Let's Party!

Friday is the day everyone gets excited about! It's the end of the work week and time for a couple days of relaxing. (If your lucky) Friday is a day you want to get rid of all that bad, yucky, stress. There's no better way to rid of that bad, yucky, stress than by laughing! So here are some pictures I've found via. internet, that I hope will brighten your morning, evening, tea-time, day, ect.} 
That was unnecessary... but anywayzzz!! 


Let's begin!

Anyone with a brain that is above 2nd grade should see the problem here. Amaright?

The Harry Potter geek known as my SOUL is shining though right now. 

Oh that was me..... I needed a reason to buy myself chocolate this Valentines Day so I kinda married myself... 

This is so true for me!!! Most of the time...

.........*cries of fear*.........

This is me, except with chocolate cake.... wait uh never-mind. 

My Harry Potter soul thinks this is extremely funny. I've been unnecessarily laughing for about 5 minutes now?! HELP LAUGH ATTACK! (I actually really have those sometimes) wait.. just uh NEXT!

Worst nightmare... plus.... THERE IS NO STARBUCKS. MUAHAHAHAHA (I don't even like coffee but still....)

Oh yes.. When I had a "boyfriend" a couple years ago, I changed the lyrics to, "I am that girl" Oh the imagination of a 12 year old girl. I was stupid back then, not that I'm not stupid now.. I am not going to have a boyfriend for a very long time. But I've got my EYE on someone.... nah I'm only 14.... this is weird.... OK... Golly I feel stupid this morning, oooook next.

Oh Grumpy Cat how I love you. You must be my sisters abducted twin. (FUN FACT: Grumpy Cat's real name is Tarter Sauce...) 

I don't even like Katy Perry... but man my inner Potter soul is dancing right now.

Hmmmmmm.... Food for thought.


So anyway I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FRIENDS! If not......


  • Thou shall always be content
  • If thou not content thou shall be thrown down a well.
The Founding Chickens of Jupiter

Don't let that scare you guys, but those are some serious chickens, I think they are friends with Shakespeare... ANYWAYS

Have an absolutely lovely day everyone! I love you lots!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fan Month!

Hey guys! So the LOVELY blog Sometimes I'm a Story has created something called Fan Month! It's a kind, and self-less way to appreciate other bloggers work! Being a blogger myself, I can say that when people comment on my blog, it makes me feel accomplished, like my post meant something to someone else! This is the reason for this mini campaign! To make other bloggers feel that way too!

She gave us some great questions to ask ourselves to put some structure, and initiative towards this project! Here are my answers to her questions! (The words in red are Heather from Sometimes I'm A Story)

1. When do you plan on being a fan?

(The general idea is to make a time solely for being an audience member. Maybe you decide to be a fan on Tuesdays. Or between 3–4 PM. Whenever you’re riding the train. When can you give your attention to others?)

I decided that I would be a fan for a week! To be exact I will start on the 1st of March, and end on the 7th! 

2. What goals will you set for yourself?

(How many blogs do you want to visit? How many comments do you want to leave? How many new blogs do you want to find?)

I have decided to discover around 25-30 new blogs and comment at least 100 times!!!

3. Are you going to set any rules for yourself? Exceptions to those rules?

I've decided that I MUST comment on every post that I read! Which may lead me to be over my goal in comments!

(for example, sharing 5 posts from different blogs on Facebook daily, not posting on your blog but responding to comments, you must comment on every post you read, etcetera.)

4. Where do you plan on sharing the great posts you read?

(Facebook, Twitter, whatever. I actually have a whole Pinterest board where I pinned every post I read last time; I will be using it again.)

I think I will make a pinterest board! That is a great idea! Also on google plus, because why not. It's easy and I already have an account. I don't have facebook, or anything.

5. Where could you be a fan outside the blogosphere?

(This came to me randomly, but why not? My little sister plays piano; maybe for me it means sitting down and listening to her whole piece. Maybe it means sending a letter of appreciation to a teacher, or thanking a family friend for helping you out. Being a fan doesn’t just stop here, people.)

I suppose I should start listening to my sisters fiddle more, even though the sound drives me crazy! I need to give her more support and confidence. I need to thank my parents more for all they've done. Also I need to spend more time with my nana because I love her very much and she won't always be around.

This is a wonderful idea! I encourage everyone to do this! Not only does it make you feel better, but it makes other people feel better as well! 

Have a wonderful day everyone! COMMENT YOUR BLOGS BELOW!!!

Current Happenings In my Exiting week!

This week so far has been super exciting!! First of all it's been snowing a TON! Today it was especially beautiful! All the trees and branches were traced out with the white snow.

It's been beautiful and we got the morning off in school! (Lucky Public schoolers got the whole day off)

I'm more of a warm weather person. Tea makes me HAPPY!

Another SUPER DUPER exciting thing that happened this week..... We got CHICKS!! Oh my goodness they are so cute! I sometimes put food in the palm of my hand and they will eat out of my hand and some of them sit in my hand and peck at my arm. It tickles!

Sorry for the bad quality, the heat lamp made the pictures red!

 This is my sister holding her favorite chick! We want our chicks to be used to people so that we can pick them up easily to check them out! So that means we can have plenty of fun with the chicks!

I have a performance this evening. I hope it isn't cancelled but it is snowy outside so it might. It will give me a little more time to perfect my lines though!

How has your week been?! Anything Exciting?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pinterest Fails

Hey everyone! So I was randomly looking at pinterest when I came upon these really funny pictures of people's pinterest projects gone wrong! They are absolutely hilarious! 
So here are some pictures that will probably make you laugh..... alot! 

My Favorite

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Idol is Benjamin Franklin.

Everyone has people that they look up to! I happen to have a TON. Mainly they are people who I am interested in, or wish to be more like them! Of course my parents are in this list but I'm not going to write about them for personal reasons! My favorite Historical Figure and biggest Idol is.....

Benjamin Franklin.

First of all he was a founding father, and a wise, inspirational man. The whole creation of the U.S.A had allot to do with him. He was a scientist, politician, post-master general, he worked with newspapers, and founded libraries and hospitals. Throughout my whole life I have studied him and have been extremely interested in his life and studies.

Poor Richards Almanac was a document he wrote, filled with interesting, and witty quotes. I enjoy reading through it! Here are some of his quotes!

There are so many things Benjamin Franklin did for my country (United States of America) as well as other countries! No to mention some of his inventions are fascinating. He invented bifocals, helped in the early findings of electricity, and one of my favorites, the glass harmonica!

I've read alot about it and it supposedly sounds lovely. I encourage you to research Benjamin Franklin, he was a VERY interesting person!

Who is YOUR idol?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Does Music Really Effect your Writing?

Hey guys! So I have had the coolest idea for a post, inspired by the lovely blog Imogen Elvis you should TOTALLY go check her blog out!

 Also, in acting class we played a game where my teacher would play a certain song and my group would have to create a pantomime skit based off of how the song makes us feel. which has allot to do with this experiment!

 Anyways, THANK YOU Imogen Elvis for giving me this idea!

What is this Experiment About?
Does the style of music you listen to effect your writing? What did you end up writing about for each song?

Materials Needed!
Something to play music
Some assorted songs!
If you don't have very many songs you can use this playlist from Imogen Elvis's Post!

My Hypothesis!
I believe that the paragraphs I write will be based upon how the song made me feel!

1. First we must choose some songs that have different beats, rhythms, and melody's. Preferably NOT with lyrics!!
I've decided to create a list of 3 I'm going to use! Some of these are not in this playlist! You can use these or make your own!
1. Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part
2. Wedding Vows - Romeo and Juliet 2013 soundtrack
3. Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtrack 03 The Black Pearl

Remember you just need to write a small paragraph, nothing fancy! I just wrote until I ran out of inspiration! I also what I typed up here is exactly what I wrote down, so I am sorry if they are not the best paragraphs, but you should get the idea!


1. Spiegel Im Spiegel


Here is what I wrote:

I sat in my room, longingly staring out the window. Rain rippled down the glass like teardrops. There were all the other kids in the neighborhood, splashing in the rain without a care in the world. Why couldn't I be like them? I heard my parents screaming and yelling in the other room. Why me? It's all my fault that they fight. I wish I was normal. I don't deserve them. They've given me everything and I've done nothing for them in return. I knew there was only one thing I could do. I grabbed my knapsack of keepsakes and climbed onto the sturdy, old willow, outside my window. My parents would be upset of course, but at least they wouldn't have something to fight about. That's why I'm here. I ran away, laugh at me if you want, but I'm not who everyone wants me to be, no one could ever love me. So why inflict pain upon those you love, when you can bury it inside of you, and save them the heartache.

2. Wedding Vows - Romeo and Juliet 2013 soundtrack


What I wrote:

I stepped into the meadow. The world around me was glistening in a way I'd never experienced before. The flowers began swaying to and fro as if they were welcoming me. A small creek led to a sandy little shore. I sat there and cooled my bare feet in the refreshing, clear water. Birds of all colors and sizes flew around me in circles. I had the strangest impulse to spin and jump and dance.I stood slowly and instinctively began twirling around. The gentle breeze blew around my dark curls, and my silky blue dress, spun around me like a blanket. I took in a deep breath and looked up at the bright blue sky, spotted with purple butterflies and colorful birds. The world around me smelt of lavender and I felt beautiful and free, like nothing could ever go wrong. This is where I was meant to be. This magical place is my home.

3.  Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtrack 03 The Black Pearl


What I Wrote:
That's when I came upon them. The most gruesome creatures I ever layed my eyes on. They had green skin and a mouth full of rotting, black teeth.  I sneakily, unsheathed my scabbard and hid behind a large barrel of pickles. I began making my attack plan. There was a hostage, a young boy enclosed in a green, rusty, metal cage. If I were to save him he would be good help on my quest. Beginning the action, I leaped out from behind the barrel and attacked the monster patrolling the area. Stabbing him in the chest, the rotten creature, gave out the most gruesome cry. The cry awoke the other two "things" and they ran at me with full force. I being the amazing fighter I am, skillfully knocked them dead with a blow to their heads. After I confirmed the creature deaths, I raced to the young, caged boy, and released him with a bash from the hilt of my sword onto the lock. We escaped easily and made our way here. And that is the story of how I met Jim!

I have to say that this did work! Each song gave me a different idea based on what it sounded like. It also gave me instant inspiration! People use this to give a certain feeling in movies especially, and it works very well!

 Did you do this experiment?! Are you going to? Which paragraph is your favorite?! Comment Below!
Have an awesome day everyone!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I take acting classes at my local theatre! We have our performance next Thursday!! I'm so sad the sessions are going to be over though. Our class has been based on Harry Potter! For our presentation I get to play Hermione Granger! I'm kinda nervous but I've performed in front of much larger crowds before. The thing is my script is very emotional and Ron and I get in a fight..... and I have a problem with showing anger. My acting teacher has been working with me and I've got it down pat now! Usually when I try to be angry I act more hurt, because that's how I am in real life. Things are going great though and I've made tons of new friends! 
I'm performing this scene, although the words are a little bit different because it's from the book and not the movie.

One of my good friends are playing Ron and we are having trouble not laughing at each other.
I'm really excited for this though! Have you ever performed in front of a large crowd? What for?😊

February Snowfall

Us here on the East Coast sure are getting a ton of snow!! It was extremely windy and the snow has been blowing everywhere! It looks like a blizzard!
I took these pictures from the comfort of my home. We (my sister, my brother, my friend, and I) went sledding down our super steep hill and it was so fun! Lot's of crashes and laughs!

My friend stayed the night the day before, and we drunk cocoa and watched movies! Then we played in the snow. My friend lives in a neighborhood so this is the first time she has gone sledding down "fun" hills! 

Snow is so beautiful!! Except for when it's yellow!
What do you love most about snow??