Friday, May 8, 2015

Family Problems

I guess we all have that one family member that isn't very agreeable. The one that gets mad and leaves when they can't get there way. Well I know I do, and here's how I found out.

This week has been lovely up until now. My favorite Aunt came all the way from Tennessee to visit my family. She came Tuesday happy and excited, and left unexpectedly today, mad for some crazy reason. So let me map out our week a little here.

Day 1: They arrived that evening, at my nana's house. We went over for dinner to meet them, and then they came home with us, it was late so we went to bed.

Day 2. My siblings and I spent the whole day, making crafts, playing in water, and reading books to my adorable little cousin that is 3 years old. 

Day 3. We spent the whole day celebrating my Nana's birthday! We all went to the Children's Museum. Then we ate out at a delicious restaurant for lunch and got desert at Deweys. Then we went home and played in the sprinkler with my cousin. We had a birthday dinner and yummy coconut cake. We gave my cousin a bath, watched a Disney movie and went to sleep! 

Day 4 (today): Today we had a homeschool Field Day. So my aunt, cousin, and nana went out to spend some time together. Then they rejoined us at Field Day. After that my sister and her friend had to go shopping for camp next week, and I was going over to a friends house. 

SO apparently, my aunt got mad because we weren't spending time with her..... and she got in a fight with my mom and nana while I was gone and then left without saying goodbye, while my baby cousin cried. The thing is we spent time with her all week and my mom really needed to go to the store, so it made no sense.

When I found out, I got really upset because we were going to throw a surprise baby shower for her with my other cousins who are arriving tomorrow. I miss my little cousin and I don't know how to act tomorrow if they come back.

I really want them to come back to see my cousin, but deep down a little part of me doesn't want to see my aunt for a while.


  1. ouch...touche.

    hope your family problems ease out a little at least :)

  2. That sucks. There's drama in every family! Hope it sorts itself out.

  3. Don't worry I am sure that we all had family fights and it all turned out well in the end.

  4. Oh, this is rough :( Hope things will be resolved.

  5. I hope everything clears up! Family problems can be major stressful, especially if it's a big one.

    xoxo Morning

  6. Aw. :( I'm sorry about that. Family drama isn't fun. I hope it all gets smoothed out!


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