Bucket List

  1. Write a Song
  2. Learn two languages
  3. Meet someone famous
  4. Attend a Concert
  5. Go to a dance
  6. Master an instrument
  7. Baby-sit
  8. Learn how to do a split
  9. Learn a Handstand
  10. Wear all black for a day and pretend to be a ninja
  11. Sleep under the stars
  12. Go all day talking in a British accent.
  13. See the Redwoods
  14. Hang Glide
  15. Go to a music festival
  16. Go on a cruise
  17. Go rock climbing
  18. Do a color run
  19. Graduate from highschool
  20. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  21. Go skydiving
  22. See the Statue of Liberty
  23. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  24. Experience a White Christmas
  25. Learn how to drive
  26. Go to a drive in movie theatre
  27. Visit a Castle
  28. Play Messy Twister
  29. Play in a band
  30. See a ballet
  31. Ride an elephant
  32. Go rock climbing
  33. Road trip with friends
  34. Experience zero gravity
  35. Visit a haunted house
  36. Learn to make macaroons
  37. Learn to surf
  38. Learn ballroom dancing
  39. Go paddle boarding
  40. Ride a horse
  41. Get cpr certification
  42. Learn programming
  43. Learn to fence
  44. Take self-defense class
  45. Learn to draw
  46. Go wind surfing
  47. Try glassblowing
  48. Do 100 consecutive push ups
  49. Learn the ukelele
  50. Climb a mountain
  51. Own 10 different guitars
  52. Take belly dancing classes
  53. Learn yoga
  54. Become a decent photographer
  55. Learn sign language

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