Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10 Unknown Facts About Me!

Yes, anyone who reads my blog regularly can easily see certain things about me. That I live on a little farm, enjoy performing, and that I am a total nuthead! But there are alot more things about me that none of you know!

1. I used to have a doll blog when I was younger, under a fake name. It had 100 followers and I was 10 years old!

2. I LOVE riding my bike, and ride almost every day.

3. I shoot guns and bows alot. I am actually a really good shot. In fact my dad and I just went shooting yesterday!

4. I REALLY REALLY REEEAAALLY want to get Norwegian Dwarf goats for milking. REALLY BADLY!!

5. My family is actually not so well off, money wise. My dad fixes commercial refrigeration. Let's just say, we have to be wise with our money.

6. I want to learn the banjo, and I am wanting to start learning in 2016. Which will give me 1 year more of guitar lessons!

7. My favorite animal is a goat, but I also really like pigs! (especially the cute little pocket ones!)

8. I LOVE HISTORY! Especially the American Revolution and the 50's!

9. I am a really big star wars fan! I sewed myself a princess leia costume for Halloween one year with the help of my nana!

10. I write music sometimes, and my dad used to be in a band. There was a song he wrote, and I thought it was a song someone famous wrote. His band was good though. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Audition Do's and Don'ts!

So as some of you know, I am really into acting. Of course, before you can perform your heart out on-stage, you've got to actually make it there, and I've gotta tell ya, auditions sure are stressful, but if you are confident in what you are doing, you will shine!

These are some tips and tricks I have learned through experience, and fellow actors.

First of all, before you audition for the play, you need to research the show. You need to know the story line, the characters, and some basic facts. This is very important!!!!

When auditioning for a play, One of two things will happen. One, they let you rent the script before-hand. (Which means you study it and decipher your lines.) Or two, they make you do the dreaded cold-reading.

Ah yes.... Cold Reading. That might be a scary word for some of you.
 Cold Reading is basically when you show up to an audition, the director hands you a script you have NEVER seen before, and you have to perform it the best you can. 

It really isn't that bad, so don't let that scary word get to you. 

Anyways, I hope these tips will help you in your next adventure! 

Tip #1
PLEEASE PLEEEEAASSE pleeeeease DO NOT put your script in front of your face when reading your lines!! This is my biggest pet peeve ever, and it will cost you the audition! When you are reading your lines aloud, the casting director wants to see your emotions, and with that paper blocking your beautiful face, you're not connecting with the audience. The paper also muffles your voice, which can change the way you sound and destroy your projecting. Hold the paper in front of your stomach and glance down every few lines.

Tip #2
Take it slow. Just breathe. Scan over your script. Read aloud your lines, with proper pronunciation. Don't speed through. This is another thing that happens when you are nervous. When you are rushing through your script like a madman, there is no time for the director to actually feel your energy. Just remember everyone in that room is just as nervous as you are.

Tip #3
Ladies, pull those locks of hair back. Yes, your hair is gorgeous, but if it's blocking your face, how are the directors supposed to see your abilities? Pull your hair back all the way, up in a bun, or in a braid to the side. What I like to do is take the front strands of my hair that falls in my face, and pull those back. Then the rest of my hair is still down! Just keep your face wide open and full of emotions!

Tip #4
Bring some water with you! You need your voice to be 100% with you, which means staying hydrated! If you don't your voice might start cracking and dying.

Tip #5
Listen to the director and follow her/his direction! You need to keep your ears open. Sometimes the director will ask people to say there lines in a different way! You need to remember these instances, because they show you how the director in-visions the characters in the play.

Remember, just because you didn't get a part doesn't mean you didn't do good! A director could cast a show 100 times over. Sometimes it comes down to small things. Also a big factor is your height and the way you look.

If you don't make your first audition, keep trying! Every audition is a great learning experience!
Break a leg at your next audition!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Love yourself.

sleeping beauties gone too soon... by Kira Westland (CC BY 2.0)

It's true, we all have faults. Yeah, your nose may be "too big", or maybe you think your "fat". But in reality, we all TRULY are beautiful. I'm not saying this in the cliche way. Yes it IS the inside that counts, but I say that everyone has a beautiful body as well. 
Besides what IS the definition of beautiful?
I for one couldn't tell you. Who am I to say you aren't beautiful?
The truth is EVERYONE has a different definition of beautiful.
There will always be someone who thinks you are beautiful.
You are a living, breathing, moving human being. You can think, talk, solve problems, and just that in itself is a beautiful miracle. So just remember how amazing you are. You are a beautiful human being.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recent Happenings of March

Helloooooo :)
So my weekend has been a very hectic, but exciting time!
It started out with me going to my friends house! She is two years younger then me.. but that doesn't really matter. Plus me, my sister, and her are in a band together! They both play fiddle and I play guitar! We went to her church and had to watch little kids for parents night out. Luckily, for my sanity's sake, there was a whole closet full of junk food, for me to adventure in. Let's just say I gained a couple pounds. But those kids really were crazy!

Also this week, my dad's friends came over. They are an older couple and I basically pretend they are my grandparents. So they brought some food and we all hung out and had a great time!! Also some OLD friends are coming this weekend. I haven't seen them for five years because they moved to Canada! I am VERY excited to see them! Next week, my cousin is coming to live with us... whew we have alot of things going on!!

Also this week I got sims 3. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME OMGOSH.

A wild sim in her natural habitat eating a burger. (This is my sister sim by the way)

So those are some things happening in my neck of the woods. What have ya'll been up to?!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cookie in a Mug Recipe

Hey Everyone! I now have my first recipe!
I want you all to know that this is absolutely delicious, and super fast to make!! 

How to Make a Cookie in a Mug!

I just LOVE mug recipes! They are fast, easy, delicious, and don't forget you only make one serving. So it's great for when you are craving something sweet but don't want to eat too much, or make a whole batch of cookies!

These are so good! Be sure to let it cool before you eat it! 

This recipe is great for a rainy day! These are super easy to make but so deliciously good!!

You could always add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Audition results.

Sadly I didn't get a part. My director says she ALMOST picked me as Anne but that I was a little bit too short compared to the other girl, plus she has red hair. She said she had a really hard time. I might work backstage on tech, which will still be awesome!

Alabama Theatre / Alabama Theater / Birmingham by Bahman Farzad (CC BY 2.0)
I'll be back to regular posting soon, auditions took a long time, we kept getting called back. See ya!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Waiting and waiting....

So I JUST got back from callbacks. YES it is 8:00 at night. I was there for two hours.  Gollee that was EXTREMELY stressful. At first they were considering me and 3 other girls for Anne... but I don't think I will be cast.. 


I am extremely exhausted, stressed, sad, happy, mad, angry, and a little excited. I am one big flaming ball of emotions right now.  So I will leave this until tomorrow, hopefully I will be cast, 

Sunday, March 8, 2015



I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I'm onto another round of auditions tomorrow!! Wish me a break a leg!!

My friends overheard the director say I would make a good Anne!!!!!
When I got the call back, I literally jumped up and screamed!!!

Sorry for this crappy post, but I am WAY to excited for good writing!!!!!

Auditions, Auditions, AUDITIONS!

Today was my audition for Anne of Green Gables! Let me just say, wheeeeew. Here is the whole crazy, happy, hilarious, story!

So I woke up today, and immediately began warming up my voice! I skipped breakfast (NO DAIRY) Oh yeah, and I was so nervous I forgot lunch. I practiced my song over and over and over and over again. Then I got to the audition. Sat down and found out, IT WASN'T A MUSICAL! I didn't have to sing,  I was so relieved I stopped shaking and became VERY confident! My friends got there, and we all sat together in a nervous, excited, little row in the theatre! It was great, I met new friends, hung out with my old ones, and had an all together wonderful time! Now I will be sitting at my desk, checking my email constantly for a call-back, while drinking all the milk! See ya!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fan Month is over for me, well not exactly...

Hey guys! My designated time in Fan Month is over, but I'm not going to stop commenting and following! I rather enjoyed this week of commenting and making blogging friends! 
I went over my goals! I had a goal of 100 comments and I commented 168 times!

Here are my end of the week statistics!

Comments : 168

Blogs followed this week for Fan Month!

How is your fan month going?

Liebster Award!

Greetings followers. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely blog Social Fatality
First of all, my little grammar chant has been helping me throughout this whole  post.
To spell liebster, the chant goes: I before e, except after c!
HaHA, thank you stupid 3rd grade grammar.
Anywaysssss..... let's get started!

1. If you could travel to one time in history, what would it be and why?
Oh this is a wonderful question! I would probably travel to the early twenties! Under a couple conditions..... I'd either want to be a man, or an extremely rich woman. The 20's was just a great time, plus the dresses, and swing music was amazing!

2. Who is your least favorite celebrity, and why?
Justin Bieber...  because he is just ewwwww and his singing is ewwww and his morals are ewwww. 

3. If you could "Freaky Friday" one person, who would it be, and why?
Ok so... I didn't know what this meant I did a little research and now I understand. So I would want to like change places with someone really rich, and cool like Harrison Ford or something?! I don't know.... HELP

4. Truth Or Dare? (Truth: Who are you jealous of, and why? Dare: Post a picture of you with something that you can eat on your face ex. sauce, honey, peanut butter...)
I would totally do this dare but, one, we are out of Nutella (Cries) and two, my mom would kill me.
So um, truth. I am not really "jealous" of anyone because I am happy with who I am. But I do envy some girls in my theatre class that are amazing singers!

5. If you went to jail, why would you most likely be there?
From stealing food. Not like I would ever do that, but if I did go to jail that would most definitely be the reason. Either stealing food, or jumping on mattresses at a store.

6. What would you do if you had your home to yourself for a week?
Eat all the food in the house, Burst out show tunes as loud as I can, and build a barricade of chairs. Then I would probably have a sugar crash, and fall asleep in a pile of twinkies.

7. Who are your inspirations?Sierra Boggess, Idina Menzel, Kelly O'hara, My nana, Johnny Cash, J. K. Rowling, Benjamin Franklin, Oh and the person who invented popcorn.

8.  How would you like to die?
Painlessly, in a garden of flowers with the ones I love the most gathered round me.

9. If you could make one person fall in love with you, who would it be and why?
Ummmmmmmm, my chick Curry?? Ok umm this guy down the street that like lives on a farm and stuff, and his sister is my best friend. Because he is really sweet, and smart. yeah.

10. What animal would you be if you were one?
Hmmm... this is a hard one! Either a hawk, because you can fly and where I live it's illegal to shoot them, or a whale, because they are family oriented, strong, and protected.

11. What are your worst pet peeves?
Curtain peepers before a show begins is a BIG nono. Also I can't stand when people judge you entirely on how much money your family has. 

Well that is that!! I nominate anyone who is reading this!!

Here are your questions!

1. Favorite Movie and why?

2. Country or City? Why?

3. If you had the choice of being extremely knowledgeable but could only live until your 50, or dumb as a doorknob but you get to live forever. What would you chose and why?

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

5. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

6. Small house big yard or big house small yard?

7. Favorite flavor Ice-cream?

8. What is your dream vacation?

9. What do you think is the meaning of life.

10. What is your opinion on cheese from a scale of 1 to 10?

11. Your biggest celebrity crush?

Have a wonderful day everyone!!! Comment your blog down below for fan week! Are you going to participate in the Liebster Award?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Free Blog Designs!

Helloe everyone! I am now giving away FREE blog designs!! You can sign up for one by clicking the image below!!

What if....

Holding hands by Valerie Everett (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What if instead of putting people down, we brought people up.

What if instead of focusing on peoples faults, we focused on their strengths.

What if we grew together, instead of apart.

What if we accepted people for who they really are, instead of who we want them to be.

What if we looked at ourselves, as wonderfully as we look at those who we admire.

What if we all walked hand in hand, full of love, and friendship.

Wouldn't the world be such a lovely place. Although it may never happen, live as if it's true. As someone once said:

One act of kindness creates an endless ripple.

And what if that ripple, eventually led to you?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Recent Happenings of My Little Awesome Life!

Hey everyone! Allot has started going on this week. I suppose I must start on the bad news. 
I decided to write an amazing story with my fake Kindergarten writing skills for comedy reasons.

The Story About The Bad News In My Week
Once upon a time, a young girl and her family went to tractors supply and bought a bunch of chicks. The young girls name was Mae and she took a liking to a certain little chick. Now this little chick was golden, and so Mae named her Curry. Curry grew up fast as a toddler chick, and eventually grew into teenage chickenhood. Now based on the chicken stereotypes, Curry, being a teenager, was supposed to ignore her mother, and become grouchy. And that was exactly what happened. Now Curry's mother Mae, is in deep deep deep despair, and is desperately longing for the baby chick Curry once was. 

I cry every time I read this story because it is SO relate-able. May Curry's sweet child soul rest in piece, an may her evil teenage soul grow kind again. 
Now for the......


First of all... Today was my performance! I din't mess up one bit, and everyone seemed to enjoy it allot! I miss everyone so much, and I hope I will see them again soon! 

Also, I have an Audition Sunday (eeeeeek) for Anne of Green Gables the Musical! It is very unlikely I will receive a part since they are only accepting 8 parts for girls, but it's worth a shot! There is no harm in trying!! I'm nervous about my singing though.. I was thinking about posting a video of me playing the guitar and singing on here, but I don't know. Comment if I should or not!

Well that's all for now! Lots of love, and may all of your weeks be merry!

Chirping Babies!

Hello everyone!! My family has been very excited, because.... OUR CHICKS HAVE BEEN HATCHING!!!
This is the incubator my dad built from an old cooler! He did such a wonderful job, and it worked perfectly!!

It all started Tuesday morning, when we noticed small pips on the eggs. My mom picked one up to examine it and we heard chirping in the egg!! Over the course of the day we came down to our basement where the incubator is very often to check, and the holes in the eggs began growing bigger and bigger! 

Then the small baby chick, stretched out his legs, and popped the end of the egg off! It was very interesting, and exciting to watch! We then watched five more chicks hatch! Only one egg didn't hatch. 

OF COURSE the egg I named bacon, (It's a long story) was the only egg that didn't hatch. Just my luck i suppose.. But the rest are happy and very healthy!

We watched the chicks take there first step, eat for the first time, and drink there water. I will always remember this experience! 
The chicks are adorable and I hope they will grow up to be very healthy!

The proud mom and dad!

Do you guys have animals?!  Have you ever watched a chicken hatch?!