Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Recent Happenings of My Little Awesome Life!

Hey everyone! Allot has started going on this week. I suppose I must start on the bad news. 
I decided to write an amazing story with my fake Kindergarten writing skills for comedy reasons.

The Story About The Bad News In My Week
Once upon a time, a young girl and her family went to tractors supply and bought a bunch of chicks. The young girls name was Mae and she took a liking to a certain little chick. Now this little chick was golden, and so Mae named her Curry. Curry grew up fast as a toddler chick, and eventually grew into teenage chickenhood. Now based on the chicken stereotypes, Curry, being a teenager, was supposed to ignore her mother, and become grouchy. And that was exactly what happened. Now Curry's mother Mae, is in deep deep deep despair, and is desperately longing for the baby chick Curry once was. 

I cry every time I read this story because it is SO relate-able. May Curry's sweet child soul rest in piece, an may her evil teenage soul grow kind again. 
Now for the......


First of all... Today was my performance! I din't mess up one bit, and everyone seemed to enjoy it allot! I miss everyone so much, and I hope I will see them again soon! 

Also, I have an Audition Sunday (eeeeeek) for Anne of Green Gables the Musical! It is very unlikely I will receive a part since they are only accepting 8 parts for girls, but it's worth a shot! There is no harm in trying!! I'm nervous about my singing though.. I was thinking about posting a video of me playing the guitar and singing on here, but I don't know. Comment if I should or not!

Well that's all for now! Lots of love, and may all of your weeks be merry!


  1. That story is amazing.Do you have any more chickens?Or any other pet??
    You totally should post a video :)

    1. Ok I think I might! And I don't have any more animals at the moment, but my family will be getting meat rabbits very soon. I really want goats! What about you?
      Me :)


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