Friday, March 6, 2015

What if....

Holding hands by Valerie Everett (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What if instead of putting people down, we brought people up.

What if instead of focusing on peoples faults, we focused on their strengths.

What if we grew together, instead of apart.

What if we accepted people for who they really are, instead of who we want them to be.

What if we looked at ourselves, as wonderfully as we look at those who we admire.

What if we all walked hand in hand, full of love, and friendship.

Wouldn't the world be such a lovely place. Although it may never happen, live as if it's true. As someone once said:

One act of kindness creates an endless ripple.

And what if that ripple, eventually led to you?


  1. What if everyone thought like this :)

    1. The world we be such a loving place if everyone did.
      Mae :)

  2. Ohmy. This....THIS...was amazing. I literally have no words ♡

  3. Wow this is so true. Why can't people show a little more love? And you are right this world could be a really lovely place if we would just enjoy life and see the best in others.

  4. Whoa, inspiring!

    Just checked out your blog and am already #inlove !

    Loving your design, basic not complicated and cool, maybe also a little SWANKY!

    - Lexie | 10


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