Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10 Unknown Facts About Me!

Yes, anyone who reads my blog regularly can easily see certain things about me. That I live on a little farm, enjoy performing, and that I am a total nuthead! But there are alot more things about me that none of you know!

1. I used to have a doll blog when I was younger, under a fake name. It had 100 followers and I was 10 years old!

2. I LOVE riding my bike, and ride almost every day.

3. I shoot guns and bows alot. I am actually a really good shot. In fact my dad and I just went shooting yesterday!

4. I REALLY REALLY REEEAAALLY want to get Norwegian Dwarf goats for milking. REALLY BADLY!!

5. My family is actually not so well off, money wise. My dad fixes commercial refrigeration. Let's just say, we have to be wise with our money.

6. I want to learn the banjo, and I am wanting to start learning in 2016. Which will give me 1 year more of guitar lessons!

7. My favorite animal is a goat, but I also really like pigs! (especially the cute little pocket ones!)

8. I LOVE HISTORY! Especially the American Revolution and the 50's!

9. I am a really big star wars fan! I sewed myself a princess leia costume for Halloween one year with the help of my nana!

10. I write music sometimes, and my dad used to be in a band. There was a song he wrote, and I thought it was a song someone famous wrote. His band was good though. 


  1. Banjos are cool. I've tried strumming one, but they hurt my fingers. DX And ah, money wiseness. I'm not in that situation, but I have some-- in fact, A LOT-- of relatives and friends who are in that situation, and since I spend about half of my time at their places I get their situation. It's nothing to be shameful of.

    xoxo Morning

  2. Cool ! You shoot guns too ? I thought I was the only one lol ! I also like history but my friends say it is boring.


  3. Wow! It sounds like you come from a cool and unique family (cooler than mine anyways haha) :) What about Turtles? Turtles are cute too! xD

  4. haha, we used to have goats... the little babies were so cute!!

  5. These are some neat facts! I used to own goats! I love them. ^ ^ I also like shooting bows and guns. I haven't in a wild though since I moved into the city. Meh.

    Stori Tori's Blog


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