Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chirping Babies!

Hello everyone!! My family has been very excited, because.... OUR CHICKS HAVE BEEN HATCHING!!!
This is the incubator my dad built from an old cooler! He did such a wonderful job, and it worked perfectly!!

It all started Tuesday morning, when we noticed small pips on the eggs. My mom picked one up to examine it and we heard chirping in the egg!! Over the course of the day we came down to our basement where the incubator is very often to check, and the holes in the eggs began growing bigger and bigger! 

Then the small baby chick, stretched out his legs, and popped the end of the egg off! It was very interesting, and exciting to watch! We then watched five more chicks hatch! Only one egg didn't hatch. 

OF COURSE the egg I named bacon, (It's a long story) was the only egg that didn't hatch. Just my luck i suppose.. But the rest are happy and very healthy!

We watched the chicks take there first step, eat for the first time, and drink there water. I will always remember this experience! 
The chicks are adorable and I hope they will grow up to be very healthy!

The proud mom and dad!

Do you guys have animals?!  Have you ever watched a chicken hatch?!


  1. AWWEEEE so cute!!! We had chicks in our second grade class and we got to watch them hatch, it was awesome!

  2. Mae,Thank you just thank you for this post! :)

    1. Neal, Thank you just thank you for this comment! :)


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