Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Devil Orders Takeout Blog Party+Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! The wonderful, amazing, talented, writer Alyssa! is having a blog party and giveaway! Go visit her SUPER awesome blog, and check out her blogoversary post! It was also her BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!
The Devil Orders Takeout - Birthday Giveaway 2015

I am joining on her blog party! I think you should too!
(She is also having a giveaway here)

1. If you win, what book would you like?

This was really hard. I searched all over that website, until a found a really interesting book called The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory  So that is probably what I would get!

2. What would your ideal bookmark look like? (If you own it, show us a picture!)
Well, I have lots of bookmarks, but I ALWAYS seem to lose them.... I did win a bookmark contest in 3rd grade. It was where my whole county decorated a bookmark, and they would pick one from each school. I have to say, it was hideous, but they must have thought it was good for a 3rd grader.
I suppose for my ideal bookmark I would have a red silk ribbon, or pretty paper, with flowers on it.

What's a book you want to read/write but have been putting off forever?
Well, I've been wanting to read the book Emma by Jane Austen, (LOVE THAT MOVIE BY THE WAY) but I've been putting it off and reading other books instead. I should have read the book before watching the movie, but alas I couldn't help myself. 

4. One urban myth you've heard about China? (Because CHINA. I'll drop by and clear it up :D)
Well, some of my best friends were missionaries in China, so I don't know of too many myths and any I did know they put right, but someone once told me that Chinese people eat cats...... 
(Ones that live in China) I didn't believe them, and I'm too embarrassed to ask my friends that one, but HELP. I need to know the truth!!

5. List your blogging inspirations.
Golly this is a hard one. I have so many.
So some of them:

That was just a few, there are TONS more!
So there you have it! Hop on over to Alyssa's blog! She is a wonderful blogger, and writer. I wish her the most marvelous birthday! Have a wonderful day!!


  1. YAY! Thanks for joining, Mae! And oh my goodness, I can't believe you'd choose The White Queen! Let me recommend it 100% to you. I read mine so much that it's falling apart. (A red silk ribbon as a bookmark might have saved it somewhat!) Confession: I've never read an Austen book. Should I?

    I do not know if we eat cats. I know that we eat dogs, though. But in the urbanised areas, we pretty much stick with beef/pork/chicken, etc. etc. And ooh, you read Almost Completely Mad as well! The blogosphere is such a small world :D

    1. So glad to join! I'm glad you like that book! I hope I can get it somehow! I'm completely out of book money! Jane Austen is an amazing writer and her books are wonderful. I really like historical fiction so it fits my genre of reading. China is a really interesting country and very different from America!
      Mae :)

  2. Oh the things people say about stuff eaten in China and it's really weird asking someone if it't true fearing they might offended!Something I've heard consist of are cockroaches and some other insects.(No offence to anyone).

  3. I think eating cats is more an urban legend about what people put into the food at AMERICAN Chinese restaurants. I also know that in Malaysia people eat bats. Fun facts. :)

    I haven't read Emma, but it sounds like it's a book that you should get on top of! I hope you enjoy it when you get to it! :D


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