Monday, February 9, 2015

Have a GREAT Monday!!

This weekend went by so fast! I had a friend over...... we built forts in the woods........ baked cookies........ stayed up till midnight....... So that was awesomely, awesome fun! And I also had some unexpected family come visit! I got to see my little cousin! And my Grandparents came!! The truth is, I don't see my grandparents on my dad's side very much.. They visit all my other cousins all the time and hardly ever visit us, even though we live only an hour away from my cousins. Yesterday they came for about an hour..... left without telling me bye.... and went back to one of my cousins house.... which is only like 30 minutes away. I guess they just like my other cousins better?? But all in all this weekend was great! It went by too fast and now I'm back to boring, old, necessary school.

I have to say, It may be a little over-dramatized, but Monday's are pretty evil. You have to get back into your schedule and work all day! Luckily my mom lets us start school at 9 on Mondays and gives us a smaller load! (Thank goodness I'm Homeschooled) My public school friends are super jealous!

But just because it's Monday doesn't give you a reason to be in a bad mood!! If you think about it in a different light... Monday is a fresh start, of a new week! So yes maybe you are stressed out about school-work and wish you could stay home and do whatever you want, school is an essential part of childhood, and someday when we are all older, (although it's hard to believe now) we will be thankful for it.

So have a GREAT Monday and try to be the best that you can be! Besides you should always make the best of every day!

Mae :)

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