Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Breaking of A Heart

You can tell when a heart has been broken. When someone has truly loved someone with everything they have, and the person who they are in love with casts them aside. There is something in their eyes, a longing for love and peace. Depression sinks in, and it feels as if the weight of the world is not only on your shoulders but on your heart, a heavy, dark, feeling that drags you down everyday. Your view on life becomes dull and the only thoughts you can muster into your mind is a sense of betrayal. They haunt your sleep, and you wake up every night on the verge of tears, longing to hear there voice and feel loved again. But wearily you know that at this very moment, the person you would do anything for is thinking of someone else, wishing and longing to see them, slowly and painlessly forgetting you. That's the funny thing about love, no matter how much they hurt you, you still come crawling back to them, because you fell for them. And even though nobody knows for certain that you cried yourself to sleep last night, and you fake a smile throughout the day, there is something in the sorrowful, empty eyes of the heartbroken, that leads you into there soul.


  1. Wow..That was...Deep.
    And beautiful!
    You have a way with words!

  2. Hats off..
    This is really beautiful :)


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