Monday, February 16, 2015

Hair from the 50s

The 50's has to be one of my favorite times in U.S history! (my favorite being the American Revolution) My hair was super curly today so I decided to tackle a hairstyle somewhat similar to the fashion of the 50's! So, let me go ahead and say that I am very sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera was not cooperating! 

I put the back up in a bun. Then I rolled my hair under to make it puff out in the front.

I liked it with the bandanna! I wear my hair like this whenever I curl my hair because it is very comfortable to wear and I like how it looks!

Also tonight we are supposed to get snow!! (There is like a 99% chance!) Finally!! My friend down the road might come over to stay the night tonight! We are going to go sledding, follow deer trails in the woods, and make SNOW-CREAM!! Yum! I can't wait! Have you gotten snow yet this winter?!


  1. I hope it snows for you I am also from the UK but we are not predicted snow where I am from :(
    Love your hair I wish I could do that with mine but I have not hair talent
    Another Teen On The Web

  2. This is so cute!

  3. Finally refound your blog :P
    Yuo changed the url or something?
    I entered your posts in the BLOGSCAR but couldn't reach them after so I just left them with the same url I also emailed you yesterday I think regarding the same.

    1. Sorry about that Neal! I had commented on your blog post with my new url but wasn't sure if you saw it! I didn't receive you email! I have a long email so maybe you didn't type it right?! Anyways, sorry for all the confusion!


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