Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tech Day 2!

Yesterday night was much more interesting, and fun! I will be watching the younger kids during the show, making sure they're quiet! We play alot of games so it's pretty fun! Plus they are all hilarious!! I haven't really talked to any of the girls my age yet.. they all are really good friends so it might take a couple more days to warm up to them. The good thing is my confidence has been growing, so that has been helping alot!

My director lets us wear pj's to rehearsal! So usually I wake up in the morning, do my school work, work outside, and then get a shower and go to tech. Last night I was there until 10! It is kinda eating up my whole life this week, but it gives me something to do and I just love doing anything with the theatre! 

I also have another job, which is helping to carry things off of stage at different times throughout the production. (Two hours long) So it's kinda crazy, watching the kids and then leaving every once in a while to help with the stage. I enjoy the commotion though because it makes me feel like I have a purpose! 

I have noticed, alot of the kids there are kinda rich and spoiled. That doesn't mean they are mean or anything like that, they are actually very nice people, but some of the girls my age look down at me just because I work on a farm and enjoy being outside all the time. *Sigh*

All together it is a great production, and I think I will start to really really enjoy it soon! How are you guys!! Anything new happening this week?!


  1. Usually during tech week people there is so much commotion going on. The stage that my theatre company uses shares the same building that some touring Broadway shows use, so when the actual biggest stage (which seats more than 1,000 people) is in use, we have to be respectful. In the green rooms, its crazy. There's one thiry minute period where we don't do anything but eat and do homework, but that gets out of control fast. I love how everyone stays there until ten. Sure, we have school the following day and you may get a little sidetracked from homework (I go to a public school, reason why) but is it worth it? Um, yes!

    xoxo Morning

  2. Be sure to get to know people before making solid opinions about them! =) I know I have a problem with thinking people look down on me but in reality, it's just me over thinking it all! Glad day two went well, hope the week continues to be fabulous!!!


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