Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tag! Get to know me!

Hey guys!  I hope y'alls week has been going great! I decided to do a little tag for a boredom buster, and to help you guys know more about me! Here we go!

Vital Stats -
Name - Mae :)
Nicknames - I don't really have a "nickname" but my little sister calls me Mayzee pronounced (may-zeey) It kinda reminds me of corn. -_-
Birthday - September 13th. I was born on Friday the 13th, in September DUN Dun dunnnnnn.... Fun Fact: In the middle ages, people would kill there babies if they were born on a Friday to spare them a life of pain and unluckiness.

Place of birth - USA. Near the beach!
Star sign - I'm a Virgo!
Occupation - Ummmmm blogger?! I guess I could say actress?

Appearance -
Hair colour - Brown
Hair length - Kinda Medium, about a couple inches under my shoulder.
Eye colour - Hazel. My eyes are brown but in the sunshine or light they are green!
Best feature - Either hair or eyes I guess. XD Definitely not my nose....
Braces - yes...... sadly

Piercings - I mean, I have my ears pierced but that is all. 
Tattoos - nope (maybe someday) 
Righty or lefty - Righty! 

Firsts -
First best friend - Her name was Anna, but she moved to Idaho.
Award - Ummm I think it was that I won a running race.

Sport - I played soccer for a little bit.
Real holiday - Halloween was the first holiday I lived.
Concert - ummm I can't remember.

Favourites -
Film -  Ugh hard. Emma or Lotr
TV show - Downton Abbey, Burn Notice, Gilligans Isle
Colour - Blue, red, buttercup, and mint green. Can't decide between them all!
Song - Ugh. I like so many songs. I really like the band, "Onward Soldiers"
Restaurant - Hmmm "Mountain Fried Chicken, or ummmmmmm ANY PLACE WITH JUNK FOOD.
Shop - Does Tractor supply count?
Book - Anne of Green Gables, Emma by Jane Austen
Magazine - Idk I don't really read magazines! 
Shoes - I only have 3 pairs of shoes plus my work boots, so probably my cowgirl boots that go to my ankle.

Feeling - Pretty Swanky
Single or taken - Single! I am not really interested in boys. Besides I am 14!
Eating - A tortilla with lemon curd! Yum!
Listening to - My sister sleep talking! She is growling and talking about birds and finger puppets???
Thinking about - This post and if anyone will even read it!

Watching - My sister sleep talk, and a nasty stinkbug crawl down my wall. DOUBLE EW!
Wearing - Grey T-shirt and white pants with silver stars. I am in my pj's!

Future -
Want children - Most probably.
Want to be married - Definitely!
Careers in mind - A school phycologist, or the long shot of being an actress!
Where do you want to live - Anywhere that suits me! I haven't traveled enough to know!

Do you believe in...
God - No
Miracles - I guess. I wouldn't say I believe they're actually real, I just like to pretend they are!
Love at first sight - Yes!
Ghosts - No
Aliens - It's possible, but hard to imagine. 25/100% I guess
Soul mates - Yep
Heaven - Not really. I haven't made a decision on it yet.
Hell - No, same as heaven ^^^
Kissing on the first date - Well, I don't know about this. I don't think it could hurt, but only if you know right off he is the one?! Idk. 
Yourself - I believe in myself 99.9999%. The other .1% is my singing skills. XD

Do we have anything in common?! Comment below!


  1. This looks pretty swanky :D
    Can I do it?


  2. my blog is turning one in 11 days and I'm hosting a poll to decide on the first anniversary post.
    The link is:http://rsoundarya0707.blogspot.in/2015/04/nothing-in-particular1-and-you-can-vote.html
    Your vote will mean a lot to me and please vote if possible. :)
    Amazing post and I love your blog <3

    1. Congrats! Of course I will! Thanks for your comment!
      Mae :)

  3. Excellent gif use ^_-, I love how your current feeling was 'pretty swanky' ^_^ x


    1. Haha thank you! I take pride in my gififying skills! XD
      Mae :)

  4. Pfft! Who needs boys? LOVE your book choices!

  5. We have barely anything in common, yet we're so similar! (Does that even make sense?!)

    - www.whatlexieloves.blogspot.com

  6. You like lemon curd too? I love lemon curd. ^ ^ I home make it. Do you mind if I do this tag?

    Stori Tori's Blog


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